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Artist's Statement

I am concerned with the mysteries; our origins, our deaths, our bodies, our art.  I’ve explored the mysteries through thinkers and traditions I am drawn to. Wittgenstein wrote “About which one cannot speak, one must consign to silence.” Maimonides observed that understanding (he uses the word apprehension) requires no sense, no part of the body; none of the extremities are used. He believed that the human mind and the incorporeal diety are conjoined through a common apprehension of reality. In addition, he wrote that the mind receives flashes of insight that reveal true reality.  Hegel wanted to bridge the gap between matter and mind. I notice in my choice of mediums, clay and light, my own desire to bridge matter and mind. Heidegger, however confusing and controversial, spoke to me of the ritual and eternal time of archaic peoples. Buddhism introduces additional puzzles and ideas about the nature of reality. Psychoanalysis works with unknowns and eventual understandings.  Artistically, I’ve allowed my experience with sculpture, video installations, film and performance art to influence the photos. The photographic outcomes are unconscious acts; some are from dreams, some from improvisations of simply touching materials. The work satisfies a need to converse with the unconscious and to share the experience of retreat and ritual.

Favorite Books, Books on CD and Podcasts

The World’s Religions. Houston Smith
Why Religion Matters. Houston Smith
Maimonides: The Life and World of One of Civilization’s Greatest Minds. Joel L. Kraemer
The Guide of the Perplexed. Maimonides
The History of Philosophy without any Gaps. Peter Adamson
The Sacred and the Profane. Mircea Eliade
Cosmos and History. Mircea Eliade
The Secret of the Golden Flower. author unknown
Story of Edgar Cayce. There is a River. Thomas Sugrue
The Death and Resurrection Show. Rogan Taylor
Between Cross and Crescent. Jewish Civilization from Mohammed to Spinoza. David B. Ruderman.
Tractatus Logico Philosophicus. Ludwig Wittgenstein 



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